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WVRCM is a Sail & Scale Radio Control club.

Learn more about Sail and Scale

Jack David and Barbara Ruhnke-David began WVRCM in 1995 and this informal gathering of radio-control sailors has been operating continuously since. We welcome nonmembers at our events, but to receive our regular emails and to support the club, please join. It's ten bucks. Cheap.

Sail and Scale run separate events, but come together about once a month for a brief business meeting followed by sailing and motoring. Here's a link to that meeting location.


Mike FerringJack DavidGary WolllenhauptAllan Vinston

From left: Mike Ferring, Jack David, Gary Wollenhaupt, Allan Vinson

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Club members have access to club meeting minutes, bylaws, and other club information by logging in. A searchable roster of members is also available in the members only section.

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