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Members may list items for sale at no charge for three months. Please notify Mike when your item is sold so he can remove it. Click on pictures for a larger version.

For sale: 
1. 48" Dumas fiberglass PT109 kit with crew, partially assembled. $400
2. BaD Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser Kit complete from Loyalhannadockyard. Not started. $450
3. Jaws Orka, built-up hull with blueprints and prop shaft kit $50
4. 110" USS Missouri battleship. Built-up hull from a sized-up Sterling kit. $100
Contact Shawn Sproat

For sale: Two unfinished SeaWind sailboats with Flysky radios, sails, custom paint (one raspberry, the other light blue).  Just $100 each. Contact Robin Young, 602.509.1414.

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