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DF95 Items

Here's an ever-so-gentle introduction to the DF95 for anyone who hasn't seen one in action.

This video reveals the mystery of that vital tiny piece of plastic called the bowsie. This is the first part of a multi-part British how-to on assembling the DF95, including such unneeded things as assembling the main boom, which comes assembled in the kit. Nicely done series accompanied by soothing/grating music.

A list of "nice to have" items when starting out with RC sailing using the DF95

DF95 Tuning Guides: General and a German one. Pick one and adjust from there.

Tuning the DF95: video by Sail Newport sailing expert Brad Read (brother of North Sails President Ken Read).

General RC Information

A good introduction video to the Racing Rules of Sailing for new RC skippers.

Hull repair by Mike Eades

Everything we do with RC Sail&Scale involves batteries. Here's a primer on batteries by Scale Director Jack David.

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