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Veteran's day flotilla draws big crowd

Winning stern wheeler

By Jack David

The West Valley R/C Mariners 2022 Veterans Day Flotilla and Parade of Boats featured 10 registered skippers who brought a total of at least 20 boats. We had one out-of-town skipper, all the way from California.

This year’s event was co-sponsored and promoted by the Estrella Community in Goodyear, Arizona, as a Lifestyle Event on Saturday, November 12. Their work showed when we attracted an estimated 150 spectators.

The weather was beautiful, sea conditions were perfect, and the venue, Estrella North Lake, is one of the most beautiful venues for model boating in the Valley of The Sun. The crowd enthusiastically participated in People’s Choice. There were 68 ballots cast, a new record.

The PT Fleet was well represented with five boats and the waterline WWI fleet featured some new Royal Navy battleships. We had at least two new participants this year: one a beautiful scale paddle steamer that took the two top awards. The event was well received by the residents and audience and the skippers all had fun.  WVRCM thanks all the skippers who attended and especially the Estrella Community Association for making this Lifestyle Event a great success.


Ronnie Sanders: Southern Belle Paddle Steamer – People’s Choice Award
Ronnie Sanders: Southern Belle Paddle Steamer – Skipper’s Choice Award
Brent Harper: WSL-72 Stratton:  – Best Warship
Janet Benner: AHJA Tug – Best Commercial
Ronald Burns: Barbara Ann (Robbe Atlantis) – Best Pleasure
Mark Weitzman (California): Type 1124 Soviet Patrol Boat- Engineering Award
Barrett Hochhaus: Warspite – Engineering Award
See the Photo Album for the 2022 WVRCM Veterans Day Flotilla & Parade of Boats.

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